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J. M. (Jeff) Johnson-- also known by 0tacoon and z0mbeats-- is a cartoonist and aspiring comic artist. He loves to design characters and draw comics on his tablet, which is his preferred medium. He is a handsome devil in his early 20s, who hopes to one day become a full-fledged comic artist, concept artist or illustrator-- or maybe even video game developer! Either way, he hopes to do great things with his art by bringing entertainment to others.

Jeff casually updates his art gallery every now and then and fills it for the most part with fan art and other random concoctions from his imagination. He hopes you will enjoy his art as well as the bizarre ideas which inspire them.



Its been a while since I’ve done some proper Hotline Miami fan-art.

So here you go! I spent most of last night and today on this. Started with a Jacket doodle in my moleskine, but I decided to draw Biker when I got to the digital sketches. If there is one thing I love about making 80s artwork, its the colours and effects! If you like this you can also check out my previous Hotline Miami fan-art and one of my original pieces with 80s effects attached to it.


A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.

"LAST LIFE is a sci-fi noir adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux about a transhumanist colony on Mars.  When a murdered detective is 3D printed back into existence, he reopens his last case to uncover what he missed—a hunt that reveals AI corruption, corporate espionage, and the conspiracy that may have led to Earth’s doom."

Its a very cool and interesting Kickstarter! I had to make an illustration for it! ;D I am super excited for this! Take a look if you have a chance~


So I’ve been enjoying these hexafusions that have been going around and I decided to make my own. It took a while to finish, but here it is at last!

Fusion with:

I don’t have any names for the fusions, but the middle one is a cutie. And I love the fusion between Evan and Cigul. I need to redraw his awkward little appearance again some day.

I don’t know why Evan and Pyre’s combo got so angry. He just did.

And Cigul and Pyre’s fusion looks like a pyrokinetic ticking bomb.


B’awww, someone fused Pyre and some other Original Characters I really like. Hehe. Take a look at these awesome designs/fusions. ;D

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